The digital engagement experts

We create elegant, effective digital experiences to help you engage your audience.

From online consultation solutions to novel social listening platforms, we can help you engage you customers in an effective and fun way.  We have a range of bespoke tools and access to third party software which can boost your engagement rates and help you make important decisions in a democratic environment.

"A government can be no better than the public opinion that sustains it"
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Software solutions

Decision support software

Optioneer is a web platform that is ideal for policymakers.  that helps you appraise and shortlist options as well as calculate cost benefits.

We also provide social insights (social listening) dashboards and reports to your exacting specification.

Skills analysis software

Skills Aduit is an online self-assessment tool to help you understand the profile of skills within a team or organisation.

We have a series of skills question profiles which can be deployed depending on your needs.

Stakeholder tracking software

Need a tool to capture stakeholder interactions from across all channels?  

We have the best cloud based solution that is fully loaded with features designed for consultation and engagement professionals.

Online survey design and hosting

We can create your online survey using the most flexible and powerful tools based on any brief.

Consultation microsites and analysis of qualitative data are our speciality.



Digital research services include:-

  • Discovery 
  • Policy and strategy development
  • Product evaluation

Advice and guidance

On a range of topics such as digital fabrication and digital dialogues.

For Consultors - all aspects of the consultation and engagement management life-cycle. 

We have expertise in the Law of consultation!  

Training and Business Support

On a range of topics such as digital marketing, cloud, social media and website design.

Bespoke digital builds

From interactive websites to Apps, we can design and develop to your needs.

We also have in-house capabilities for digital music / sound recording and production.