Tenants on top

The welfare reforms planned for April 2013 are a big upheaval.  For housing associations this could mean rent loss, increasing arrears and constraints on future income growth.

In order to avert these risks, landlords will need to better understand their tenants.  Resource allocation will have to be more targeted and more business intelligence (e.g. customer profiling) will be needed.

As not all tenants will be affected in the same way, housing associations will need to have in place improved systems for sharing information and identifying those who need help.

OurHousing aims to bridge some of these problems.  For example, housing associations will be able to benchmark their listening and responding performance.  They will be able to identify common problems and be recognised when they deliver excellence.  Tenants will be able to normalise their views and benefit from a combined knowledge in de-snagging individual issues.

We’re not ready to launch quite yet but will be back soon with more exciting details.  In the meanwhile,  head over to the digital housing hub to see other examples of  ‘tech for tenants’.