New tenant’s charter announced by DCLG

According to the Guardian, Eric Pickles is set to announce reform in the private rented sector.  The unregulated nature of private landlords is causing a myriad of problems for tenants who feel trapped in their situation – a.k.a. play nice or be evicted!

Some local authorities have already introduced private rented property licensing which is providing basic protection against rogue landlords.

However, this scheme (which requires new legislation) goes a step further by offering tenants redress, including a complaints process for poor service or hidden fees which will be independently examined.  Where a complaint is upheld, tenants could receive compensation.

The review will look at how councils inspect properties, how they can demand landlords carry out maintenance, and how they can take action against landlords who continue to rent out dangerous and unacceptably dirty properties.

We’ll be watching closely to see if OurHousing could be adapted to support this change in emphasis on the tenant/landlord relationship for privately rented accommodation.