afimageAloneFone is an internet powered voice communications service that can be run on existing (Android) mobile handsets. It allows groups of trusted callers to contact each other, free of charge, on a group availability basis.

AloneFone uses the internet to route voice calls so you don’t need any expensive call plans (or SIM cards!) and all calls, of any length and between any place on earth, are free.Technology | AloneFone

Our AloneFone server makes the connections and each phone group can be remotely adjusted using our bespoke web portal.

The idea is simple:-

  • Once commissioned, individuals are set-up on a ‘group’ (maximum 20 persons) by AloneFone. They each have access to a mobile phone with data connection which is running the AloneFone App.
  • The chosen individuals might be those experiencing loneliness or a mix of those who are lonely and those who are willing to support others in conversation.
  • When a participant who is registered on the group wants to voice chat, they initiate a call using the App by simply pressing a button. All of the phones on the group will ring.
  • The first person to ‘pick up’ gets connected and the other phones stop ringing. This means that you only get connected if you are available.
  • Once two callers are connected the group continues to operate, allowing other callers to connect.
  • The calls are completely free as they work using internet, not voice traffic. AloneFone can also supply specialist reception equipment, designed to meet the needs of the elderly.